Cellars offers an extensive array of beverage classes to expand your horizons on a vast variety of beverage topics. All of which are taught by our in house Sommelier. Lessons may be held on-site or off-site at your private residence or aboard your yacht

Lessons vary from broad topics such as Wine 101: Wine Basics and Fundamentals to courses which cover most specific topics such as The Regions of Burgundy or Single Malt Scotch. Each lesson is fully customized to its audience and their previous knowledge base. Each lesson is accompanied by a tasting of appropriate beverages that are pertinent to the lesson. Below are lesson options, we can also create a fully customized lesson plan based on your educational needs to cover any and all beverage topics. (Bordeaux, burgundy, single malt scotch, cognac, etc.)

Wine 101: Wine History, Theory, Vocabulary & Fundamentals
This lesson builds a solid foundation and covers the following topics: wine history, grape growth, harvest, fermentation, aging, all major types and styles of wine, major grape varieties, important wine making areas, tasting and wine appreciation.

Wine 202: Wine Service, In-depth Wine Tasting, Food & Wine Pairing & Wine Faults
This lesson builds on the fundamentals learned in Wine 101. Going into further topics such as: glassware, serving standards, serving temperatures, decanting & aerating, an in depth look at wine tasting and assessment, an in depth look at wine pairing and wine faults and flaws.

Wine 303: Wine Regions, Major Grape Varieties & Flavor Profiles (two lessons – New World & Old World)
These two separate lessons cover in great detail the grapes, wine making styles, flavor profiles and all other historical information on all major wine growing regions. This lesson is split into two, New World & Old World. Old World covers: France, Italy, Spain, Germany & Portugal. New World covers: The Americas, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.